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The Winners Guide to Nutrition

Maximise your performance with the right nutrition. Training hard and eating right is the recipe for success. This eBook is the perfect companion to Strength Training for Judo.

Discover what to eat before, during and after practice to ensure you get the most out of yourself each and every session.

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25 quick and easy meals for the busy Judoka

It can be busy and stressful when your days are busy and full. Included are 25 quick and easy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

These meals will provide you with enough healthy nutrients to assist in recovery between training sessions!

Worth $17

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Daily food journal

A daily food journal is a great way to achieve your nutrition goals by recording everything you consume on a daily basis. If you are looking at moving up or down a weight division or you just want to stay healthy, this journal will help keep track of your daily food habits.

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Judo Training Journal

In order to improve your Judo it is important to "record and reflect" on each and every training session. By writing down what you did each training session you have a written record of techniques learnt and this will ensure you will never forget them.

Worth $17

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How to approach a downed opponent

This video download demonstrates the correct way to approach a turtled opponent and more importantly, how to create an opening for a quick and effective attack. The skills covered in this video are a must for anyone looking at gaining the upper hand in the Tachi waza to Ne waza transitions.

Worth $37

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Defending the turtle position

This video download is jam-packed with simple and innovative ways to stop your opponent from securing a good position in Ne waza. Included are quick and easy Judo specific strategies to pull guard or stall your opponent until the referee intervenes.

With these techniques in your hands you will become a lot more confident at defending whilst in Ne waza.

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Basic attacks from turtle

Attacking while in the turtle position is a fantastic way to gain an advantage or even a submission. Drilling these attacks will ensure your opponents will think twice before engaging you in ne waza.

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Beginners Guide to Grappling

The Beginners Guide to Grappling includes in-depth explanations of various Ne-waza positions as well as easy to follow step-by-step photos of various throws and submissions in both and no-gi situations. Also included are basic guard passes and transition techniques from Tachi-waza into Ne-waza.

This handbook is designed to give basic technical advice and demonstrate how Judo can be utilized in various situations.

Worth $17

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SPECIAL BONUS: Matt's Competition Preparation Manual

Learn the tips and tricks I did that helped me become an Olympian, From eating tips, cutting weight tips, warm up strategies and lot's more.

This eBook is a must for people looking at becoming competition Judoka.

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