By Matt D'Aquino
2008 Beijing Olympian

Hi there,

If you have done Judo for more than 5 minutes you would have noticed that being physically stronger than your opponent is a massive advantage.

You have also probably noticed that so many top level Judoka have pretty impressive physiques. This is due to the fact that they train hard and follow weight training regime specific to Judo. Being able to power into and out of throws and being able to dominate the grips can really upset your opponent and this gives you the upper hand. Combine your strength with good technique and you will become a seriously tough opponent.

If you are looking at participating regularly in randori or shiai, then it is vital that you have a high-level of Judo specific strength, power, speed and explosiveness

There is no point being as strong and powerful as Schwarzenegger in the gym and weak as a kitten on the mat.It is more important to be strong when it counts: such as when you are grip fighting, pulling your opponent off-balance or getting low for throws such as Seoi nage and O goshi.

I have been writing strength programs for over 10 years, couple that with my 11 years of International Judo competition and it is safe to say that I know how to write effective strength programs for Judo. The programs contained in Strength Training for Judo are uniquely designed so that you will develop strength, speed and explosive power that can be directly utilized in the dojo. Being stronger than your opponent is a massive advantage and the only way to get 'Judo strong' is to complete a 'Judo specific strength program'.

Here are 3 reasons why I think your current gym program is doing you Judo damage!

Judo players usually get their gym programs from 3 places:

A personal trainer or strength coach who knows nothing about the physical requirements needed for Judo

A Judo player who has little to no idea or experience with writing strength programs

From an older Judoka or coach who has been following the same, out-dated strength program that has been handed down from coach to coach over the last few decades.

This manual is written by a Judo Olympian and current international competitor who has been competing internationally for 11 years and has also been working in the strength and fitness industry for 10 years.

Matt has helped people of all walks of life achieve their strength and fitness goals. Matt has written thousands of strength programs and he knows first hand what it takes to compete at the highest level, and the physical requirements needed to do so....and all of only $37

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Say goodbye to:

Get the competitive edge over your opponents and training partners

When you start Strength Training for Judo, you will develop:

Start doing a strength program that is proven to get you results on the mat. The programs contained inStrength Training for Judo will get you more explosive, more stable and you will be able to control your opponents and training partners a lot easier.

Yours in Judo,

2008 Judo Olympian
Contributor MMA Uncaged Magazine
Editor Love Judo Magazine

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